The US has added two Russians to the list of cyber sanctions

The US has added the names of two Russian citizens to the list of cyber sanctions, the office of foreign assets control of the US Treasury said.

In the list of sanctions hit Dmitry Karasavidis and Danil Potekhin.

In its message, the State Department explained that, together with the US Department of Justice, it suspects Karasavidi and Potekhin of stealing at least $ 16.8 million worth of cyber currency.

Among the victims were US citizens.

“The individuals who engaged in this scheme committed fraud against several American citizens, businesses, and others. They deceived them and stole virtual currency from their accounts,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.

The Ministry noted that Potekhin created some web domains similar to genuine cyber-currency exchanges (so-called spoofing). By logging in to a fake website, people unwittingly passed their information to Potekhin and related individuals. Karasavidis accused were engaged in laundering illegally obtained funds through his account.

The state Department clarifies that the United States Department of justice managed to block “millions” of dollars in virtual currency on Karasavidi’s account. The Secret service of the States confiscated them.

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