The US has accused China of building up its nuclear forces

The US believes that China seeks nuclear parity with the Russian Federation and the US, said the US President’s special envoy for arms control Marshall Billingslea.

“China is no longer committed to limited deterrence… China is carrying out a dangerous and destabilizing build-up of nuclear forces, the goal of which is to eventually achieve nuclear parity — quantitative or qualitative-with the United States and Russia,” Billingslea said, speaking at an event of the Brookings Institution.

He called disturbing statements by the Chinese media that the country’s nuclear forces should increase to 1 thousand strategic warheads. Also, according to him, China has doubled its stocks of nuclear materials and conducts more missile tests than all other countries combined.

The US insists on involving China in the Russian-American talks on the extension of the strategic Start-3 Treaty. China says it is not interested in this.