The US government has suspected Huawei of criminal offences

The US Federal authorities are investigating the Chinese company Huawei, it is suspected of stealing commercial information from American partners. This was reported on Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal.

According to sources, the proceedings were initiated already some time ago. The company in the near future can bring charges of criminal offences. The US authorities believe that Huawei could be involved in the theft of information representing a trade secret. Information allegedly concerned, in particular, the equipment which the American company T-Mobile applied for checks of smartphones.

As the newspaper notes, the investigation was launched including due to the fact that Huawei had previously filed several civil lawsuits. According to one of them, Huawei, as stated in the article, was found in 2017 by a court in Seattle guilty of misappropriation of technologies, the rights to which belong to T-Mobile. Huawei was obliged to pay T-Mobile $ 4.8 million then.

On the part of the US Department of justice and Huawei have not received official comment on the reason given in the publication claims yet.
US measures against Huawei

The publication stated that the United States in recent months increased pressure on Huawei in the light of trade disputes between Washington and Beijing.
Earlier, the US authorities have repeatedly claimed that Huawei and other Chinese company ZTE cooperate with the special services of China. As suggested by American officials, on the device of these firms may establish a program by which users are under surveillance.

In this regard, they urged the US providers and ordinary Americans not to use the products of Chinese companies. Huawei has repeatedly denied the accusations, stressing that their devices do not install such software.

At the beginning of December 2018 at the request of the United States in Canada was detained Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. The Prosecutor’s office in New York accused her of violating American trade sanctions against Iran. A court in the Canadian province of British Columbia on December 11 decided to release Huawei’s Treasurer on bail before her extradition to the United States. Meng Wanzhou pleaded not guilty.

Huawei is one of the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturers. In 2017, the company’s net profit amounted to 47.5 billion yuan (more than $ 7.5 billion).

Author: Flyn Braun
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