The US filed a claim for damages against Danske Bank

The amount of the claim is 10 million kronor.

The US government has filed a compensation claim against Danske Bank and its former director Thomas Borgen in the Copenhagen City Court, Borsen reported on Tuesday.

The lawsuit was filed on September 18, 2020, and the amount required for it is 10 million kronor ($1.51 million); however, as the newspaper notes with reference to sources, in the end, we can talk about a hundred or hundreds of millions. In 2017, the Danish bank was the main person involved in a money laundering case involving its branch in Estonia, through which billions of dollars of suspicious origin passed.

There are two American plaintiffs seeking compensation: the US government and the Federal Pension Savings Investment Board, which manages one of the largest pension funds. Also, 340 Danish plaintiffs filed lawsuits totaling 15.1 billion kronor ($2.28 billion). According to the investigation results, between 2007 and 2015, about 1.5 trillion kronor ($230 billion) passed through the Estonian branch of Danske Bank, which is the country’s largest bank. The origin of the bulk of this sum was suspicious. After the investigation began in 2018, Thomas Borgen resigned from his post, and in 2019, the branch in Estonia was closed.

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