The US expands sanctions against Venezuela

Washington included in the sanctions list of two Venezuelan citizens.

WASHINGTON – The United States has expanded the sanctions list against Venezuela to include two citizens of that country. The corresponding message was published on Monday by the press service of the US Treasury Department.

“Today, the US Treasury Department’s office of foreign assets control (OFAC) took action against Gustavo Adolfo Vizcaino Gil and Juan Carlos Dugarte Padron,” the text said. As indicated by the US Treasury, in April 2016, Dugarte Padron was appointed Director-General of the Administrative identification, migration and immigration service (SAIME) – the government Agency of Venezuela, and in June 2018, this post was taken by Vizcaino Gil.

“When Dugarte [Padron] was CEO of SAIME, he received bribes and SAIME was involved in corrupt transactions involving the sale of passports,” the press release states. “Since the fall of 2018, SAIME and Vizcaino [Gil] officials have been involved in corruption, receiving thousands of dollars from applicants for passports and transferring these funds to Vizcaino [Gil] personal accounts with foreign banks,” the US Treasury Department alleges. It is also noted that the administrative service under the leadership of Vizcaino Gila sold passports to citizens of other States, and “among the staff of SAIME were members of armed groups illegitimate former Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.”

The US Treasury Department also did not rule out imposing sanctions on individuals and entities from Russia and China involved, according to Washington, in corruption and human rights violations in Venezuela.

The corresponding question was asked to the representative of the American Ministry of Finance of high rank during a telephone briefing. “I will not comment on anything regarding any specific plans that we have, however, this administration has repeatedly demonstrated that we will not tolerate the corruption and abuse of the regime of [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro.”..> I’ll tell you what we will to impose sanctions against all, without exception, persons who contribute to the kleptocratic actions of the Maduro regime,” he replied.

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