The US executed the fifth Federal prisoner in two months

In the Terre Haute prison in the US state of Indiana, the death sentence of 45-year-old Keith Duane Nelson was carried out. Nelson was the fifth inmate under Federal jurisdiction to be executed in the past two months. According to his lawyer, the execution was carried out by lethal injection.

In 1991, Keith Duane Nelson kidnapped a 10-year-old girl in Kansas and then raped and killed her in Missouri. In 2003, he was sentenced to death. In the United States, the decision to execute criminals is most often made at the state level, but the case of Nelson was at the Federal level since the crime was committed on the territory of two states.

By the decision of President Donald Trump, executions at the Federal level in the United States resumed in July after a 17-year break. Meanwhile, state-level executions are becoming less frequent. In 2019, 22 prisoners were executed in this way.