The US Embassy reacted to the White House statement about the victory over Nazism

The American Embassy in Moscow reacted to the publication of the White House in the network about the US victory over Nazism. In an interview with Interfax, they recalled recent statements that emphasized the collective efforts and sacrifices of countries.

The diplomatic mission also cited a joint statement made by US President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the occasion of the anniversary of the historic meeting of Soviet soldiers in 1945 on the Elbe River.

Also, the Embassy recalled an interview with US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan news agency, in which he noted that the American side is proud to have supported the USSR in the fight against Nazism.

“During our joint efforts to fight our common enemies, especially during the greatest historical moment — this month’s celebration of the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany-I am proud that as an Ambassador representing my President in Moscow, I am involved in these events,” Sullivan said at the time.

At the same time, the Embassy did not explain why the White House, in its congratulatory publication, called only the United States and Great Britain the winners of Nazism.
Earlier on May 10, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow is exceptionally outraged by publications on the pages of the White house in social networks, in which the victory over Nazism is attributed only to the United States and Great Britain. The Department intends to “hold a serious conversation” on this issue with American officials.

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