The US Embassy in Baghdad was hit by rocket fire

In total, seven rockets fell on the Iraqi capital territory, most of which were aimed at the “green zone” where the American diplomatic mission is located.

Late on Tuesday, the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, came under rocket fire, with four rockets falling in the so-called “green zone” where the US Embassy and other foreign missions are located. The attack killed at least one person and injured five residents of the Iraqi capital.

Baghdad’s attack came after the White House announced a record reduction in the US military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In total, seven rockets were launched in Baghdad’s direction, four fell in the “green zone,” and three more rockets fell in other areas of the city. It is known about the death of one child and five wounded civilians. All seven missiles were launched from the same location in Eastern Baghdad, the Iraqi military said.

Journalists of the France-Presse Agency heard several powerful explosions, followed by the sounds of rapid-fire and red flashes that lit up the sky-this is evidence that the C-RAM missile defense system was activated in the US Embassy building.

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