The US does not plan to discuss new terms of the trade agreement with China

The US is not interested in discussing new terms of a trade agreement between the two countries that are more favorable for China, US President Donald Trump said on Monday.

“No, not even close, I’m not interested,” the US President said when asked if he was interested in discussing a better trade deal with China for Beijing. He was asked to comment on media reports that China hopes to return to trade talks with Washington to reach a more favorable agreement on trade.

“We signed an agreement, I also heard that they want to return to negotiations to reach a better deal for themselves,” Trump said. “Let’s see if they can follow the agreement they signed,” the US President said.

Earlier last heads of delegations on trade negotiations US-China Vice Premier of China Liu He, US trade representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held a telephone conversation, during which discussed the need to create favorable conditions for the implementation of the first phase of the bargain.

The US and China signed the first part of the trade agreement on January 15, under which Washington still maintained duties of 25% on Chinese goods worth about $ 250 billion, along with 7.5% on products worth $ 120 billion. The agreement stipulates that the Chinese side will purchase $ 75 billion worth of American industrial goods, $ 50 billion worth of energy resources, and $ 40 billion worth of agricultural products. China will have to spend another $ 35-40 billion on services over the next two years.

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