The US does not expect a deterioration of the situation on the border of Russia and Ukraine

The United States does not currently expect a significant deterioration of the situation on the border of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, and continues to monitor the situation, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, Mark Milley, said on Wednesday.

“We will continue to monitor (what is happening) closely, and now we do not expect that anything significant and inevitable will happen,” Milley said, speaking at the McCain Institute in Washington.

The US military noted that Washington has carefully monitored the build-up of the Russian military presence on the border with Ukraine over the past four to five weeks, calling it a cause for concern. He explained what happened, which are followed in the United States.

“An attempt to intimidate or influence the internal life of Ukraine, other political reasons, they can thus test our own government,” Milley said. “Any of this may be true,” the military said, noting “the withdrawal of some forces has recently reduced tensions” and calling it “good news.”

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