The US does not appear to be planning a return to the Open Skies Treaty

This became known from the diplomatic note of the State Department to international partners.

The United States apparently has no plans to re-join the Open Skies Treaty due to concerns that Russia is not complying with its obligations, the Defense News website writes. In a recent diplomatic memo made available to the portal, the Biden administration told international partners that it would send Russia the “wrong signal.”

The memo, sent days before the US Air Force confirmed plans to decommission obsolete aircraft used to implement the mutual surveillance pact, could end hopes that the US would join the agreement, which involves 34 countries.

Although President Joe Biden denounced then-President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the treaty after the election, Russia subsequently withdrew from it, and ratification of the agreement in the Senate, where the seats were divided equally between Democrats and Republicans, seems difficult.

The State Department said on Monday that a final decision had not yet been made. But on March 31, he told several partners that the administration was “frankly concerned that agreeing to re-join a treaty that Russia continues to violate would send the wrong message to Russia and undermine our position on the broader arms control agenda.”

Other signatories to the Open Skies Treaty, including key NATO allies, have insisted that the US remain a party, arguing that the pact serves as a valuable channel for dialogue between Russia and the United States, the world’s two leading nuclear powers. The letter notes that this issue was discussed at a NATO event on February 25 and in private conversations.

Author: Steve Cowan
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