The US did not support the UN budget because of Israel and Iran

Washington did not like the fact that the UN did not support its position on anti-Iranian sanctions and the allocation of funds to the UN World Conference against Racism, which the US considers an anti-Israel organization. Bloomberg reports this.

The United States voted against the organization’s budget for 2021 at the UN General Assembly held online.

The United States, along with Israel, became the only two countries out of the 170 UN members who did not support the $ 3.2 billion draft budget. The two states’ discontent caused the allocation of funds to the UN World Conference against Racism (“Durban II”). According to Washington and Jerusalem, the organization has become a platform for anti-Israel organizations.

Also, the United States was not satisfied that the UN did not support Washington in its efforts to restore the monitoring group on sanctions against Iran.

According to the US ambassador to the organization, Kelly Craft, the UN budget for 2021 “expands the shameful legacy of hatred, anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias.” Craft noted that by voting against Washington wanted to show commitment to its principles.

Bloomberg notes that the United States’ failure to accept the organization’s budget may be a political gesture of the administration of President Donald Trump, who has been in office for recent weeks. In 2020, Washington, contrary to the UN position, announced the restoration of sanctions against Tehran. The President-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, has promised to reconsider this approach.

Washington announced the resumption of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program in August. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has threatened Russia and China with new restrictions if they do not support Iran’s US position.

Indonesia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dian Trianshah Jani, later said that there was no consensus in the organization on the resumption of anti-Iranian sanctions since most member countries do not agree with the US opinion.

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