The US declared an “international consensus” against Huawei

There is an international consensus on the Huawei threat, said national security adviser Robert O’Brien.

According to him, the decision of London to refuse to use Huawei equipment in British 5G networks indicates a “growing international consensus.”

O’Brien claims that Huawei “and other unreliable suppliers” pose “a threat to national security” because they “remain committed to the Chinese Communist party.”

The US expressed hope that, together with its allies, it can “drive innovation” to achieve ” supplier diversity in the 5G supply chain and ensure 5G security free from dangerous manipulation.”

US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo said that the UK was among the States “that defend their national security by prohibiting the use of unreliable suppliers with a high level of risk.” Among these States, he named Denmark, Latvia, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Estonia.

Pompeo said that countries “must be confident that 5G hardware and software will not threaten their national security, economic security, privacy, intellectual property, or human rights.”

Recall that Britain refused to participate in Huawei’s 5G networks. From December 31, British Telecom operators will not be able to purchase 5G equipment from Huawei.