The US decided to increase duties on some goods from the EU

According to the agency, duties are increasing, including on aircraft parts and certain types of non-sparkling wines.

Members of the US Trade Mission announced higher duties on some products imported from the European Union, including aircraft parts and wines from France and Germany. This was reported on Thursday by Reuters with reference to the statement of the US trade Mission.

According to him, the department increases the amount of duties on parts used in the assembly of aircraft, on certain types of non-sparkling wines, and cognacs and other types of brandy.

According to the agency, the representative office did not say when the increase in duties will come into force but stressed that the details would be disclosed “soon.”

According to Reuters, this increase in duties is a new step in the framework of a long-standing dispute between the United States and the EU over subsidies to aircraft manufacturers. We are talking about a lawsuit involving the American company Boeing and the European corporation Airbus.

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