The US considers offensive cyber operations against hackers

The country’s authorities believe that cyber-attacks pose a threat to national security.

The administration of President Joe Biden considers the attacks of ransomware as a threat to national security and is considering conducting offensive operations against hackers from Russia, NBC News reports.

Citing unnamed officials and other sources close to the situation, the channel notes that although the use of military capabilities against criminals will not be unprecedented, this idea is causing controversy in legal circles.

The article notes that any cyber operations against hackers in Russia will be associated with the risk of retaliatory actions.

But officials say that foreign-based ransomware attacks have been a source of serious economic damage, as evidenced by disruptions to the supply of gasoline and meat in recent weeks, NBC News reports.

Against the background of increased cyber-attacks on hospitals and local authorities, the National Security Agency began monitoring some foreign hacker groups in the summer of 2019, the channel says. According to NBC News, officials say the intelligence gathering allows for more effective training in case the president orders a strike against hacker groups.

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