The US Congress said that Trump’s impeachment could be initiated in the middle of next week

According to Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Catherine Clark, Democrats in the lower house of Congress “can act very quickly.”

A new attempt to impeach Republican US President Donald Trump could be made in the middle of next week. This statement was made on Friday by Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Catherine Clark, who is a member of the Democratic Party.

“It will be, you know, in the middle of next week,” said the legislator, commenting on a broadcast of CNN commenting on the question of the possible start of impeachment proceedings of the head of administration of the USA. At the same time, Clark expressed the opinion that Democrats in the lower house of Congress “can act very quickly.” Members of Congress in the current situation “cannot hide behind procedural rules,” said the deputy head of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. “It’s time to act,” she said. – We are talking about the crisis of our Constitution and our democracy.”

In Clark’s view, “Donald Trump should be removed from office.” “And we will act using all available tools to ensure that this happens – to protect our democracy,” the lawmaker promised. She drew attention to the fact that, according to the American press, US Vice President Michael Pence is not going to attempt to use the 25th Amendment to the basic law to remove Trump from power based on what the Democrats say is the incapacity of the head of state. “Then we will move forward with impeachment to achieve exactly that,” Clarke said.

At the same time, she acknowledged that the US Democratic Party has “minimal time” to make a second attempt to impeach Trump. The term of office of the current American leader expires on January 20. Calls for Trump’s impeachment come as supporters of the current US chief of staff stormed into Congress on Wednesday, trying to prevent the approval of the November 3 presidential election results, which was won by Democrat Joseph Biden. Democrats in Congress accused Trump of sedition and demanded his removal from power. In a similar vein, some representatives of the Republican Party of the United States expressed themselves.

As expected, on Friday around noon, the Democratic faction in the House of Representatives will hold consultations, which will consider, among other things, the possibility of launching the impeachment procedure for Trump.

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