The US Congress rejected the plan to return to meetings on May 4

The House of Representatives of the United States Congress abandoned the plan to return to meetings on May 4 because of the coronavirus, the newspaper Politico reported, citing the leader of the majority faction in the house of Democrat Steny Hoyer.

“We decided that we won’t be back next week, but we hope to be back very soon,” Hoyer said. According to him, this advice was given by doctors working in the Capitol.

The House of Representatives announced plans to begin meetings on Monday. On the same day, the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, announced that the Senate would return from a protracted recess on May 4.

The US Congress has only a face-to-face format. The possibility of absentee participation in meetings and even voting on the Internet was discussed against the background of the epidemic but was not implemented.

Washington and the surrounding areas of Maryland and Virginia are now among the twenty counties in the United States, where the incidence of coronavirus is growing fastest. The US capital and surrounding areas still maintain home quarantine for their residents.

The House of Representatives was expected to discuss a new package of support for the economy, including financial compensation to states affected by increased requests for unemployment benefits.

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