The US claims that Russia has tested an anti-satellite missile

The US Space Command does not give the date of the test.

The US Space Command said on Wednesday that Russia had tested an anti-satellite missile.

As noted in a statement on the command’s website, Washington is “concerned” that Moscow allegedly “continues to develop and deploy certain types of ground-and space-based anti-satellite weapons.” In particular, the US Space Command claims that Russia conducted a test of an anti-satellite direct interception missile (DA-ASAT). The date of the tests is not given, nor is the evidence provided.

The statement also claims that Russia is developing two types of anti-satellite weapons-DA-ASAT, allegedly capable of destroying satellites in low-Earth orbit and several times tested, as well as allegedly tested in 2017 and 2020, space-based systems.

Special Representative of the US President for arms Control Marshall Billingslea, commenting on the statements of the command of the US space forces, said on his Twitter page that he had already informed NATO allies about Washington’s suspicions.

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