The US called the conditions for easing sanctions against Venezuela

The United States administration will explore such a possibility in Maduro’s event, the Reuters news agency reported.

The US administration is “in no hurry” to lift the sanctions imposed by Washington on Venezuela. Still, it may consider easing them if President Nicolas Maduro takes steps to demonstrate his readiness for a serious dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition. This was reported on Sunday, citing sources in the White House agency Reuters.

“We are in no hurry to lift the sanctions.<…”If the regime takes confidence-building measures that show that they are ready and willing to engage in real discussions with the opposition<…>, if they are willing to take serious steps, then we will consider [the possibility of] easing sanctions,” the source told Reuters. He did not specify what steps Washington expects from Venezuela.

According to the agency, the US official at the same time made it clear that US President Joe Biden is unlikely to ease the pressure on Caracas soon. He also stressed that the current restrictions include provisions allowing the provision of humanitarian aid to Venezuela, but, according to Washington, the authorities of the republic “actively hinder” the implementation of deliveries. According to Reuters, this approach suggests that the Washington administration is ready to adhere to the current restrictive measures, including against Venezuela’s oil sector. The source told Reuters that Biden also wants to move away from the previous administration’s largely unilateral approach of exerting “maximum pressure” on Caracas and involve more countries in resolving Venezuela’s situation through diplomatic means.

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