The US called on the G7 countries for a common mechanism for determining policy towards the PRC

According to the agency, the corresponding proposal of the American side was considered by the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven at a meeting in London.

The United States is seeking a joint consultation mechanism with the Group of Seven (G7) countries on China policy. Bloomberg, citing sources from among American diplomats, reported this.

According to them, the United States expects to create “a consultative mechanism in which G7 members, as well as other countries, would participate.” The corresponding proposal of the American side, according to the agency’s sources, was considered by the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven at a plenary meeting in London. According to Bloomberg sources, this initiative of the US administration is aimed at developing a “coordinated response” to China’s policy to strengthen joint resistance to Beijing with other countries.

Earlier on Tuesday, a high-ranking State Department official told reporters at a briefing that the Group of Seven foreign ministers spent an hour and a half on Tuesday discussing Russia and China, with China being the “dominant topic” of the meeting. “We started with it because for us it was the most important item on the agenda. As I said, there was mutual agreement that we all want the PRC to be an integral member of the international order, but to do that, it must play by the rules of this international order,” the State Department official said. The G7 foreign ministers gathered in the British capital on Tuesday for the first face-to-face plenary meeting in two years.

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