The US called Iran’s decision to enrich uranium to 20% “nuclear blackmail”

The United States considers Iran’s decision to enrich uranium to 20% nuclear blackmail, a US State Department representative.

Earlier, Iran ratified the law “Strategic Measure to lift sanctions” initiated by the parliament, which involves uranium production with an enrichment level of 20% or higher. The enrichment of up to 20% started on Monday.

“The 20% enrichment of uranium that Iran is conducting at Fordow is a clear attempt to strengthen the campaign of nuclear blackmail. These attempts will still fail. The United States and the international community continue to count on IAEA inspectors to report on the facts on the ground,” the State Department official said.

“We are confident that the IAEA will monitor and report on any new Iranian nuclear activity,” he added.

“The enrichment program that Iran conducted was initially developed in secret, including at Fordow, and Iran has kept a large archive of records from the past nuclear weapons program, as well as many key employees who led this program. The United States and other members of the international community will evaluate Iran’s actions in light of its provocative track record,” the State Department official added.

Iran denies that it has ever developed a nuclear weapon. Tehran has embarked on a series of steps that violate the 2015 deal with the “six” international mediators after the United States withdrew from the deal unilaterally and re-imposed large-scale sanctions against Iran.

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