The US called Huawei technologies dangerously

The US provided the UK with a dossier on Huawei. According to the Americans, using the technology of a Chinese company in creating 5G systems in the UK is an “act of madness.”

“Huawei is one of the largest Chinese companies that provide towers for servicing the GSM network all over the world, including Russia, Central Asia, and India. Technologies are constantly evolving, and the data transfer rate is constantly increasing. Huawei is also not standing still and is trying to offer its customers new technologies that are cheaper to maintain, but at the same time provide a faster network.”

As for the 5G network, the governments of other countries and without Americans should be aware of certain risks. When networks provide higher speeds, they also provide certain data collection. And any data collection can somehow be used against the national security of a country.

“If this equipment works inside a sovereign state, the security risks are minuscule.”

Huawei is the largest company with extensive experience working with GSM towers. Few people can offer a better service in this area at an affordable price, except for this Chinese company. “I think we all understand that the US and other countries are unlikely to be able to provide technologies of such high quality cheaper than the Chinese.”

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