The US Bomber tested a new nuclear weapon

The US air force b-2 bomber has tested a new upgraded multifunctional nuclear bomb B61-12. According to the assurances of the US military, it has high accuracy, and the main feature is the versatility of the charge, as it can be used in various scenarios of hostilities.

According to the publication of the National Interest, the test reset of the bomb took place at Nellis Air Force Base in the North of Nevada this summer. Instead of using separate weapon variants for different purposes, the B61-12 allows to apply different types of strikes: with penetration into the ground and above the surface, high and low power, and can also be used to destroy underground bunkers. The bomb received a new tail unit, which together with the use of inertial navigation systems increased the accuracy of the impact.

– Now B2 is equipped with B61-7 (capacity 10-360 kilotons), B61-11 (400 kilotons, for ground strikes) and B83-1 (used to destroy underground bunkers). B61-12 covers all these missions with less radioactive fallout, – said the Director of the Nuclear information Project (Nuclear information Project) of the Federation of American scientists Hans Christensen. – A nuclear weapon that explodes after penetration into the ground, more effectively conveys his explosive energy, thus, more efficiently destroys the deeply hidden purpose. Detonation above the ground, on the other hand, causes most of the explosive energy to bounce off the surface.

The armament of the B-2 bombers with new weapons – one of the stages of modernization of this aircraft type issued in the 1980s. It is necessary to maintain the combat capability of the U.S. air force before weapons EN masse will make promising long-range bomber B-21 Raider. In addition, the B-2 is equipped with new radar protection systems, which are expected to help resist modern air defense systems.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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