The US Attorney General spoke about the progress of the case of “interference” of Russia in the elections

US Attorney General William Barr said that the investigation of the FBI’s actions in the “Russian case” will continue under the new US administration.

Barr, quoted by the Associated Press, said that he appointed Prosecutor John Durham as a special adviser on the case on the same grounds that Robert Mueller was previously appointed to the position. This happened back in October.

According to Barr, the investigation will focus on FBI agents’ actions who worked on the “Russian case.” He said the powers were granted “to give Durham and his team confidence that they can finish the job, regardless of who wins the election.”

The US authorities accused Russia in 2016 of interfering in the elections, which Moscow denies. Based on an unconfirmed report about “trump’s ties to Russia,” US intelligence agencies monitored Trump’s staff. Subsequently, the “Russian case” was investigated by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who found no evidence of “Trump’s collusion with Russia.”

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