The US Attorney General may launch an investigation into Zuckerberg’s testimony

A member of the house of representatives ‘ legal Committee, Republican Matt Getz asked chief Prosecutor William Barr to investigate the testimony given by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2018, Newsweek magazine reported on July 27, citing a copy of the document available to the newspaper.

Getz expressed doubts about the integrity of Zuckerberg’s testimony regarding the scandal related to a significant leak of personal data of users of the social network Facebook.

“As a representative of this body [the House Judiciary Committee], I question the veracity of Mr. Zuckerberg’s statements and challenge his statements about his willingness to cooperate with our Supervisory authority,” the letter to the Prosecutor reads.

He is sure that in 2018, Zuckerberg, in his testimony, presented distorted information related to the leak. He is confident that “these misrepresentations were not only dishonest but also potentially illegal and fraudulent.”

Recall that in March 2018, the media reported that the British company Cambridge Analytica was able to develop an algorithm that collected the personal data of tens of millions of Facebook users. This information could be used to send out advertising messages that would influence the choice of voters. During congressional testimony, Zuckerberg said that after this, the company would be more careful about the processing of personal data.