The US Army will receive the first wearable chemical detector

American company Teledyne FLIR will develop a chemical sensor designed to be worn by individual US soldiers.

Chemical weapons and similar hazards are a daily problem in military operations. Soldiers need not only be thoroughly trained in how to carry out their duties in protective suits and decontamination equipment. Their responsibilities include working with sophisticated equipment to detect and identify chemical threats.

Modern detectors are still relatively large and heavy. They are designed to protect entire units, not individual soldiers. And this is a serious problem – the detector does not cover large areas and is impractical to use on missions such as foot patrols.

Teledyne FLIR, a smart sensor technology company, has received $ 4 million in initial funding from the Pentagon to address the issue. For the US Army to develop “the first wearable chemical detector for mass use.”

The wearable detector can be not only attached to clothing, but also installed in the drone. It uses dual sensors to detect not only chemical weapons agents, but also toxic industrial chemicals and flammable gases.

In addition, it detects too high or low oxygen levels. What for? This is because an unusual oxygen level could indicate that the air is unsafe to breathe, suggest the presence of explosives, or that it is unsafe to use a weapon in a confined space due to the danger of an explosion.

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