The US Army has requested $84.5 million for the development of a combat robotic vehicle

Funding for the RCV program for the fiscal year 2022 is included in the Robotics Development Plan.

The U.S. Army is requesting $84.5 million from Congress for the next fiscal year to continue developing the RCV (Robotic Combat Vehicle) and help prepare for an experiment involving military personnel. This is reported by the information and analytical center Janes.

Funding for the RCV program for the fiscal year 2022 is included in the robotics development plan and includes funding for the development of prototypes of both the RCV-L (Robotic Combat Vehicle – Light) and the RCV-M (Robotic Combat Vehicle – Medium).

“Prototypes and experiments will provide information about new ways of fighting, identify system limitations and advantages, ensure the development of key technologies and reduce technical risk,” the military wrote in the budget justification documents. “The RCV program will provide an analytically supported framework for future RCV requirements documents that will stimulate and inform this type of RCV program.” So far, the Army has acquired four RCV-L prototypes from QinetiQ North America and Pratt Miller (now acquired by Oshkosh Defense) and four RCV-M prototypes from Textron Systems, Howe & Howe Technologies, and FLIR Systems.

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