The US army announced the merger of the European and African commands

The new command structure will be headed by the US Army commander in Europe, Christopher Cavoli.

The US army (Ground forces) announced its European and African commands under a single leadership. This is reported in a press release released on Monday by the US African Command (AFRICOM).

According to this report, the new command will be called US Army Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF). It will become a component command for these two still independent army command structures. It will be headed by the commander of the US Army in Europe, General Christopher Cavoli.

“This combination will increase global and regional readiness and contribute to the implementation of the National defense strategy,” US Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy said in a press release. “The new structure will increase the efficiency of management and control, flexibility, and ability to conduct large-scale, joint, and combined operations.”

The new command structure plays an important role in supporting missions in two interconnected theaters of war. Creating a single command center will increase the speed of implementing decisions and accelerate the response to regional and global emergencies.

“USAREUR-AF will be responsible for all army operations and assets in Africa and in Italy and will coordinate directly with the army’s Africa command,” the press release States. Accordingly, all units under the control of the latter will be placed at the disposal of USAREUR-AF.

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