The US announced possible responses to threats in space

The US reserves the right to respond to threats in space, said Assistant Secretary of state for international security and non-proliferation Christopher Ford.

“Our policy is to prevent and deter, and if necessary, respond appropriately to threats to our objects in space, important components of our space infrastructure… In case there are such attacks or threats, we, of course, reserve the right to respond in the place, at the time and in the way that we deem necessary,” Ford said at a briefing, answering a question about possible retaliatory measures to Russia’s actions.

“You won’t be surprised if I don’t report these things in advance. It’s usually not very smart to talk about it in detail. But we are clear that free access to space is vital for our national interests,” he added.

Earlier, the US space command said it had evidence that Russia had conducted “non-destructive tests of space anti-satellite weapons.” According to American data, on July 15, another object separated from the Kosmos-2543 satellite, which is designated 45915 in the catalog of the US Space command.

On the site – special site of the US air force, which publishes open information, object 45915 is given special attention. News that the USAF’s 18th space control squadron is tracking an object in orbit is posted at the top of the site. You can also get data about its location there.

According to the US military, the launch of the “object” was carried out next to another Russian satellite. It is noted that these tests are similar to the situation in 2017 and are not identical to the testing of the satellite inspector.