The US and the UK have accused China of committing hacker attacks

The US justice has charged two Chinese citizens in the Commission of hacker attacks on the instructions of the special services of China. It was reported on Thursday by Reuters, which cites the names of the accused-Zhu Hua and Zhang Jiango.

The US and the UK have accused China of committing hacker attacks

According to the prosecution, Chinese hackers, acting in conjunction with the Ministry of public security of the PRC, stole intellectual property and confidential business information. According to the American side, Chinese hackers stole data on 100 thousand US Navy soldiers, the victims of their attacks were included in the structure of the US Department of energy national laboratory named after Lawrence in Berkeley, engaged in nuclear research, as well as the laboratory of the space Agency NASA, engaged in the development of jet engines.

Official London accused the Chinese authorities of cyber attacks against the UK and its friendly States. The accusation against Beijing was voiced by the Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom Jeremy Hunt, whose words were circulated by the foreign Ministry. “This company is one of the most significant and large — scale cyber attacks against the UK and its allies, revealed to date,” said the head of the British foreign Ministry. According to Hunt, cyber attacks were aimed at gaining access to trade secrets and targeted against the economies of different countries around the world.

“These actions must be stopped. They run counter to the commitments that were given to the UK in 2015, ” said Hunt. He also recalled that China, as a member of the group of twenty (G20), has committed itself not to support the theft of intellectual property and trade secrets.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that the US authorities intend to announce the introduction of new economic sanctions against China. As the newspaper notes, the Trump administration and the authorities of more than ten countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and Germany, intend to jointly condemn China’s actions to steal the intellectual property of Western companies and technologies, as well as attempts to hack government and private networks.

Author: Flyn Braun
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