The US and Russia will hold a new meeting on combating terrorism

Washington is cooperating in this area, “despite the destabilizing activity of Russia,” the US foreign Ministry stressed.

Representatives of the United States and Russia intend to hold a new meeting at the working level on the fight against terrorism in the future to discuss the possibility of cooperation in this area. This is stated in the press release of the state Department on the results of the consultations held on Thursday at the level of the foreign ministries of Russia and the United States on combating terrorism in Vienna.

The US and Russia will hold a new meeting on combating terrorism

“American and Russian representatives will hold a meeting at the working level to explore opportunities for cooperation in the fight against terrorism,” the statement said. “Despite the destabilizing activity of Russia, the United States is looking for opportunities to facilitate the dissemination of information that can protect the United States, citizens and their interests from terrorist attacks,” – says the American foreign Ministry.

“In addition to discussing the mutual exchange of information, the Deputy Secretary of state touched upon a number of issues, including the fight against international terrorism, preventing the movement of terrorists [to other countries], as well as the protection of major international sports events,” the state Department said.

The Russian delegation was headed by Deputy Minister of foreign affairs Oleg Syromolotov, and the American delegation was headed by first Deputy Secretary of state John Sullivan. Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry reported that the parties agreed to continue contacts on issues of combating terrorism on a regular basis.

Author: Flyn Braun
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