The US ambassador said that the US has to work with the Russian Federation, although they do not like it

Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that the countries need to seek cooperation in the fight against climate change and create humanitarian corridors in Syria.

Representatives of the American leadership have to look for a diplomatic approach and work with people they do not like. In response to a question about relations with Russia, this opinion was expressed in an interview with CNN by the new Permanent Representative of the United States to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

The host asked about the opinion of the new US Permanent Representative to the world Organization regarding the prospects for cooperation between the new Washington administration and Moscow. “Although there are differences between us and sometimes they are difficult to overcome, you still have to look for a diplomatic approach; you still have to work with people with whom you may disagree. You have to work with people you don’t like,” Thomas – Greenfield said. “If you don’t talk to them, you won’t be able to move anywhere or achieve anything,” she said.

According to the US ambassador, there are areas in which the US “can and should work with the Russians.” According to Thomas-Greenfield, it is necessary to strive for cooperation between the two countries in the fight against climate change and the creation of humanitarian corridors in Syria.

Earlier, the new US ambassador to the UN said at a press conference that the US and Russia are working “together in the Security Council to bring peace, security, and prosperity to the world.” The diplomat also noted that she had already met with her Russian counterpart Vasily Nebenzya on Friday, February 26, and was looking forward to working with him.

In February, Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, said that Thomas-Greenfield could count on the most favorable attitude from the Russian side, and added that the two countries “need to find a common position, even if the capitals sometimes disagree on different issues.”

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