The US Ambassador explained the refusal to be vaccinated with the “Sputnik V” vaccine

In Russia, the US Embassy responded to the comic proposal of Russian diplomats to vaccinate the head of the diplomatic mission, John Sullivan, with Sputnik V.

“Ambassador Sullivan thanks the Russian foreign Ministry for the offer, but does not want to receive a dose of the vaccine, which could go to one of the Russians,” said the record of the speaker of the American Embassy Rebecca Ross on Twitter.

The discussion began after the US diplomatic mission posted photos dedicated to the preparation for Christmas and New Year and a letter from Ambassador John Sullivan to Santa Claus. In it, the diplomat wrote that he had behaved well all year — “wore a mask and kept his distance” – and asked for a new hockey stick, running shoes, and a COVID-19 vaccine as a gift. The Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the post with a joke-a proposal to be vaccinated with the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V,” which was approved the day before for use by people over 60 years old. Ambassador Sullivan turned 61 on November 20.


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