The US Ambassador explained the purpose of sanctions against “Nord stream-2”

The US actions against the construction of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline are an attempt to force Russia to pay for an independent foreign policy, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said, September 30.

According to him, Western European countries are forced to buy expensive liquefied natural gas instead of the cheap gas that Russia can provide. The situation with blogger Alexey Navalny is also being used by United States officials to pressure Moscow.

“The point is to make us pay for our independent, confident foreign policy,” Antonov said. He also added that we should not expect serious changes from the United States on economic cooperation and the political sphere. The course will remain the same regardless of who will be at the head of the White House.

Recall that the United States imposed sanctions against ‘Nord stream-2″ in December 2019, when the Swiss company Allseas suspended the construction of the gas pipeline. In August 2020, the US Senate started talking about specific sanctions against the German port of Mukran, which plays an important role in constructing the gas pipeline.

Eric Arispe, Director of the Fitch Ratings analytical group for sovereign ratings, said on September 29 that the strengthening of sanctions against “Nord stream-2” is most likely, since it is supported by both The US Democratic and Republican parties.