The US Air Force explained how an unknown person entered the base with the president’s plane

The penetration of an unknown person at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, where the presidential aircraft Air Force One is based, resulted from a series of errors caused by the human factor, the press center of the Ministry of the Air Force said.

The incident occurred on February 4. The unknown person appeared on the territory of the protected base and got on board the Boeing C-40 Clipper aircraft, which is used for flights by members of the US administration and high-ranking military personnel. He was detained only after the end of the five-hour “tour.”

The Inspector-General of the Ministry of the Air Force, in his report, identified three reasons for the incident. The first mistake was made by the base’s security guard, who inadvertently allowed a civilian to enter its territory. Then, taking advantage of the malfunction of the automatic gate at the checkpoint, the violator freely passed into the parking area of the aircraft. And the staff there didn’t pay any attention to him.

According to the report, the intruder was wearing “a bright pink cap that partially covered his ears, and at the top had two clearly visible pompoms resembling mouse ears.”

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