The US again extended the status of “temporarily protected persons” for Syrian refugees for 1.5 years

According to the Ministry of Internal Security, the decision will allow more than 6,700 Syrian citizens to maintain their status until September 2022.

The United States again extends the status of “temporarily protected persons” for Syrians for 1.5 years, which implies special immigration rules. This is stated in a statement issued on Friday by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

“Today, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security [David] Pekoske announced an extension of 18 months and a change in the status of “temporarily protected persons” for Syrians, ” the document says. A similar step was taken in August 2019.

The ministry said this decision would allow more than 6.7 thousand Syrian citizens to maintain this status until September 2022, and about 1.8 thousand of their fellow citizens to apply for it. This status implies the issuance of a work permit in the United States and a temporary residence permit to citizens of a particular country. However, it does not provide for obtaining a green card in the future, that is, the right to permanent residence.

The decision to extend or terminate the status will be made on or before July 31, 2022.

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