The US accused Russia, Iran, and China of trying to influence the election

The director of the National Center for Counterintelligence and Security of the United States, William Evanina, said that Russia, Iran, and China tried to influence the American president’s election in 2020.

“I watched intelligence every day: from Russia, China, Iran, and others. And I saw the threat. I believe that all three countries were interested in interfering and tried to influence our elections,” Evanina said in an interview with the Washington Post, which was broadcast on the publication’s website.

The correspondent asked the director of the Center for Counterintelligence about the situation with the elections in 2020.

Russia is first on the list of threats connected with the elections, but China is also playing its game, Ivanina stressed. He noted that he personally was not a witness, victim, or participant in any attempts to interfere despite his conviction.

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