The United States will stop accepting planes of the Chinese airline Air China

Flights of Chinese air carriers to the United States will be banned starting from June 16.

The United States authorities said they would ban flights by Chinese airline Air China starting on June 16 to force Beijing to allow American Airlines to resume flights to China.

The US Department of Transportation said the decision was made after China did not agree to an existing agreement between the two countries regarding international flights.

The Transport Ministry said that China rejected requests from United Airlines and Delta Airlines to resume flights to China on June 1.
China “still cannot” say when it will review its rules “to allow American carriers to resume regular passenger flights,” the Ministry said.
Requests from American airlines came even as Chinese carriers continued to fly to the United States during the coronavirus pandemic, further increasing tensions between the world’s two largest economies.
The US will also restrict Charter flights of Chinese passenger airlines: they were warned not to expect to receive permits.

Because of the pandemic, US authorities banned most American citizens who had been in China for the previous 14 days from entering the country but did not impose restrictions on Chinese airlines ‘ flights.
Most major American airlines voluntarily stopped all passenger flights to China in February.

On Wednesday, American Airlines Delta Airlines said that “we support and appreciate the actions of the US government to ensure our rights and ensure justice.”

The Chinese Embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment on the US Department of transportation’s plans.

Author: Steve Cowan
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