The United States said that they and the Europeans will not have enough will to fight with Russia

It is not the first day that foreign readers have been discussing the recent incident with the British destroyer Defender, which crossed the Russian borders.

A new lively discussion broke out under the Fox News article, the author of which points out that this is the first time since the Cold War that Russia has recognized the use of weapons to counter the advance of a NATO warship.

At the same time, many commentators recognized Moscow’s actions as justified and called on Western countries to take an example from it.

“This is how you need to protect the border! Write it down! “Jjtt said.

“The Russians have learned from the example of the United States what will happen if they do not protect their borders. From now on, they can do without warning shots,” TheProfit083 believes.

Because the British ship approached the coast of the Crimea, the readers also did not ignore the question of the peninsula’s ownership.

“Crimea was part of Russia for several centuries < … > Putin just took back what belonged to his country by right,” thetruth628 stressed.

“Crimea has been part of Russia since the 1700s <…> Sevastopol is the Russian equivalent of Norfolk, it has been the home of its Black Sea Fleet for centuries,” another added.

As a result, users concluded that, in the event of a confrontation with Russia, the West has almost no chance.

“I believe that Putin is ready for World War III, but we are not, especially under Biden. Europe is fat, weak, defenseless, and divided <…> We do not have the will to cause damage or make sacrifices ourselves,” one of them concluded.

“In fact, the Russians conducted a test: what will be the US response? And since we have kept silent and have not protected an ally that operates in internationally recognized waters, now the Russians will become even more arrogant,” Kevin Michael says. “This administration is too spineless to deal with Russia, China, or anyone from the Middle East. Of course, they don’t do what they want,”  Randyrandy said.

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3 thoughts on “The United States said that they and the Europeans will not have enough will to fight with Russia”

  1. While under Obama the U S then was headed for less confutation with any country as he wanted us to be like France a neutral country that stays to themselves – when our government started dismantling our military bases across the world like Clinton Obama Bush and now Biden it has made us even weaker as a nation sending a message to Russia and China. “come and take it” reason Russia and China doesn’t invade the U S “is” because of the hundreds of millions of guns we Americans own without them as Biden wants America WILL be a very weak country – the reason RUSSIA is now aggressive? Because we have a very WEAK FRAGILE imbecile as a president being told what to say and do !

  2. Our country nation securely should come first before anything else so these another country couldn’t take advantage of us we need to make our military stronger


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