The United States said that social networks are not doing enough to combat misinformation about vaccines

The spread of misinformation on health issues “deprives people of the opportunity to choose,” said the head of the US military medical service, retired Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy.

Social networks are not doing enough to combat the spread of misinformation about coronavirus and vaccines. This opinion was expressed on Sunday on CNN by the head of the US Military Medical service, retired Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy.

“Some [social networks] are working to promote information from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other verified medical sources. Others are making efforts to reduce the influence of false sources,” he stressed. “But I note both publicly and in private conversations that this is not enough, “Marti pointed out, noting that he “does not see progress in the fight” against this phenomenon.

“We still see how disinformation is flourishing on the web. And we know that it poses a threat to people’s health and even costs them their lives,” Marty pointed out. According to him, the spread of misinformation on issues related to healthcare “deprives people of the opportunity to choose.” “Social platforms should realize that they have played a key role in increasing the speed and scale of the spread of disinformation,” said the head of the US military Medical Service.

Last Friday, US President Joe Biden, talking to reporters at the White House, said that social networks that allow spreading misinformation about coronavirus and vaccines on their platforms are actually killing people since the majority of those who are currently ill in the United States are those who have not been vaccinated. The company Facebook, which owns the social network of the same name, in turn, said that the statements of the American leader contradict the facts. Biden set a goal to reach the mark of 70% of vaccinated Americans by July 4, Facebook is not to blame for the fact that this goal was not achieved, the company concluded.

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