The United States said that it does not plan to increase the number of its military in Iraq

The US Ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Tueller, noted that now, the Americans “do not conduct any combat operations in Iraq.”

The United States has no plans to increase its military presence in Iraq. The US Ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Tueller, said this in an interview with the Al Arabiya TV channel on Tuesday.

“We have no intention of increasing the number of American troops in Iraq,” the ambassador said. He recalled that the US military is stationed on the territory of the republic “at the request of the Iraqi government to combat the [terrorist group] “Islamic State.” According to the diplomat, at the moment, the Americans “do not conduct any combat operations in Iraq,” limiting themselves to “air support and assistance to the Iraqi Armed Forces by providing intelligence information.”

“The units of the international anti-terrorist coalition will leave the country when the Iraqi Armed Forces are ready to do so,” Tueller continued. According to him, the armed groups attacking the US Embassy in Baghdad and the bases used by the US military “do not hide their ideological and political ties with Iran” and use Iranian weapons in their attacks.

Earlier, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi said that the increase in the level of combat readiness of the national army and security forces and the success in the fight against terrorists allow to withdraw up to 60% of the foreign military contingent from the country. In mid-March, Iraqi President Barham Saleh said that the number of American troops in the country does not exceed 2.5 thousand people.

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