The United States reported the loss of about 288 thousand ballots in the elections

Up to 288 thousand ballots in the US elections could disappear. Another 100 thousand documents are dated retroactively, the Washington Examiner reports, citing data from the Amistad Project of the American non-profit organization Thomas More Society.

According to the project, one of the Postal service subcontractors, Jess Morgan, said that his trailer, which contained from 144 to 288 thousand completed ballots for voting by mail, which he delivered from a locality in New York State to Pennsylvania, disappeared. Another mail subcontractor (USPS), Nathan Pease, told project representatives that two mail employees separately told him that on the morning of November 4, the USPS collected more than 100,000 ballots to date them retroactively. According to the publication, this was done to count the ballots, although they arrived later than the statutory deadline.

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