The United States predicted a crushing defeat

National Interest columnist John Rossomando predicted the same defeat for the United States that France suffered after the invasion of the Wehrmacht in 1940.

In his opinion, the Pentagon, mired in bureaucracy, politicized, and short-sighted, is now dealing with China, which is building up its military power and is not afraid of the United States and its allies. At the same time, Washington’s behavior is similar to how the Third French Republic behaved in the 1930s, the columnist believes.

During the interwar period, plutocratic elite ruled the ball in Paris, which preferred to “appease” the increasingly stronger Germany, instead of opposing it, Rossomando writes.

The French authorities opposed a strategy that would allow the military of this country to go on the offensive and defeat the Wehrmacht. The author is convinced that the soldiers of the Third Republic were just as demoralized as the American ones are today. The crushing defeat of France in June 1940 shocked the whole world, led to the fall of its colonial empire in Africa and Southeast Asia. On paper, its army was one of the strongest in Europe. Still, the article says the incompetence of its commanders and the split, polarization, and politicization of the French Armed Forces nullified all efforts to repel aggression from the Third Reich.

“American generals and admirals still adhere to the tactics and strategy of the XX century. They are similar to the French military who fought in 1940, using outdated approaches of the First World War,” the observer is convinced. According to him, the United States is becoming the same “paper tiger” as France was before the invasion of Nazi Germany. If Washington does not take radical measures to reform the chain of command of the Armed Forces, the United States will suffer the worst military defeat since the Philippine operation of 1941-1942, Rossomando summed up.

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