The United States postponed production of the F-35 fighter indefinitely

The Pentagon has decided to delay mass production of F-35 fighter jets, according to Bloomberg.

The reason for this decision is the failed tests of the combat vehicle, which were supposed to take place in December. At the same time, consent to launch production worth $ 398 billion must be given no later than March 2021.

Tests that would have created a simulation of combat operations are postponed from 2017. This time, according to the press secretary of the Deputy Head of the Pentagon, Jessica Maxwell, the tests were postponed due to technical problems and under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another examination will be required to determine the new test date. According to Bloomberg analysts, President-elect Joe Biden’s team will need months before getting all the necessary information to make a final decision on the F-35.

More than 600 of the potential 3,2 thousand aircraft of this program are already used in the US Air Force and Marine Corps. However, it is still unknown how the fighter will perform against Russian and Chinese air defense systems and the latest aircraft.

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