The United States offered Russia to create a communication line in space

The United States offered Russia to create a communication line to prevent conflicts in space, said Assistant Secretary of state for international security and non-proliferation Christopher Ford.

“Our operator should be able to contact their operator as potential problems arise, and misunderstandings may occur,” he said at a briefing.

According to Ford, this topic will be raised at the talks of experts from the two countries in Vienna, which will be held next week.

The state Department reasoned its proposal by saying that Russia has recently been doing “strange and dangerous things” in orbit.

Ford also said that the US considers the initiatives of Russia and China on arms control in space unsuccessful. In Washington, it is believed that it is almost impossible to define space weapons, and it is difficult to trace their use.

Earlier, the US Space command reported that Russia had conducted non-destructive tests of anti-satellite weapons.

The Ministry of defense tested the newest small satellite inspector on July 15. The foreign Ministry noted that these tests did not pose a threat to other space objects and did not violate international law. Also, presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov stressed that Russia is striving for the complete demilitarization of space.