The United States looks forward to working with Russia in the fight against drugs

Earlier, the FSB, together with American colleagues, conducted an international special operation, revealing a criminal community specializing in cocaine smuggling from South America.

The United States seeks further cooperation with Russia to fight against illicit drug trafficking and remains committed to working together in this area. This was announced by a representative of the Drug Enforcement Administration at the US Department of Justice, commenting on the information released earlier by the FSB of Russia about a joint operation to eliminate a transnational criminal community involved in smuggling cocaine from South America to Europe.

“We look forward to continuing cooperation on law enforcement issues of mutual interest and remain committed to working together to reduce the global drug threat,” the source said. He was asked whether the department is satisfied with Russian colleagues’ current interaction, whether American operatives intend to continue to cooperate with them when necessary.

At the same time, he refused to disclose additional details regarding the Russian-American operation, suggesting that the Russian authorities should be contacted for comment.

The FSB, together with its American colleagues, conducted a multi-stage international special operation, revealing a transnational criminal community specializing in the smuggling of cocaine from South America to the territory of the Russian Federation and other European states. Simultaneously, 330 kg of cocaine was seized, the proceeds from the sale of which could amount to 1 billion rubles.

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