The United States joined calls to move the Olympics due to coronavirus

Previously the IOC has said it will work through various scenarios, including the postponement of the competition.

Organizers of the US Olympic Games have joined calls to move the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, as one of the former members of the International Olympic Committee, Dick Pound, suggests, the IOC has decided to postpone the competition, most likely for a year.

Major sporting powers such as Australia and Canada declined to participate in the competition on Monday. Against this background, the organizers faced increasing demands to move the Games – for the first time in their 124-year modern history.

The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee said it had listened to the athletes’ views and was encouraged to take a clearer course on deferral.

“The main conclusion we have drawn from this broad response from athletes is that even if the current significant medical problems can be resolved by the end of the summer, the huge failures in the training environment, the doping control system and the selection process cannot be overcome satisfactorily,” the Committee said in a statement.

Pound told Reuters that postponing the Games for one year seems to be the best solution. This means that the competitions scheduled for July 24-August 9 will most likely take place in the summer of 2021.
“I come to the conclusion that there will be a postponement,” pound said in a telephone interview.

“Having studied the IOC communique, we can conclude that if you are going to cancel something, you would just cancel it, and in this case there are no plans for the future,” Pound added. – On the other hand, if you are going to achieve your original goal, which is to hold the Games [on time], there is no reason to issue a statement, because you have already done so over the past few weeks.”

Japan and the IOC said that the option of completely canceling the Olympics is not being considered.

The postponement of the Olympics will be a blow to Japan as a host country, which has invested more than $12 billion in the organization, and huge sums of sponsors and broadcasters are at stake.
The Olympic Games were never rescheduled, although the competition was canceled completely during the two world wars – in 1916, 1940, and 1944.

Author: Flyn Braun
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