The United States, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia remain the leaders in COVID-19 incidence

The incidence of coronavirus infection in these countries remains above the mark of 20 thousand cases per day.

The incidence of coronavirus infection now remains above the mark of 20 thousand new cases per day in only five countries – the United States, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. At the same time, in the latter over the past day, the maximum number of new cases was detected (almost 23.5 thousand).)

The highest rates of infection are still in India, where daily rates exceed 200 thousand.

During the pandemic, almost 168.5 million people were infected with the coronavirus in the world, of which 3.5 million died.

Free News found out how things are with the current incidence in the most affected states.


India has been the main focus of the spread of the coronavirus for a month and a half: in recent days, about 210 thousand cases of infection per day are registered there, although at the peak in May this figure several times exceeded the 400 thousand mark. Only since the beginning of this month, the country has detected about 8 million infected people – one and a half times more than during the entire time of the pandemic in France, which ranks fourth in the world in the total number of cases of infection (5.62 million). India (27.3 million) is in second place.

At the level of more than 11 thousand new cases of infection per day, the incidence in Iran is kept, in April this figure exceeded the mark of 25 thousand.

In Turkey, in April, more than 60 thousand infected people were recorded per day, now – about 8-9 thousand, the last time such indicators were in February.


In the region of North and South America, the highest incidence is now in Brazil -COVID-19 is confirmed daily in about 80 thousand people, which is not much less than the maximum values for the country recorded in early April. According to the total number of infected people (16.27 million people), Brazil is the third in the world.

The rate of coronavirus spread in Colombia has increased to a record high, which is why the authorities decided to immediately extend the health emergency regime for three months – from the end of May to the end of August.

In Argentina, about 22-24 thousand cases are detected, the rate of infection spread has slightly decreased compared to the end of April – beginning of May when the daily increase exceeded 35 thousand.

Now in the United States, less than 30 thousand people get sick every day, which is approximately the same as in June last year. At its peak in January 2021, the incidence was 10 times higher. In total, 33.19 million people in the United States were diagnosed with coronavirus, which is the highest rate in the world.

In Mexico, less than 2 thousand infected people are registered per day – this is 10 times less than the highs of January.


In most European countries, there is a noticeable decrease in the incidence of the disease compared to the peak indicators of the end of last year and the beginning of this year. A significant increase is noted in France, where about 10 thousand infected people are detected per day, in April they were five times more.

In Italy, less than 5 thousand infected people are registered, which is the lowest since the beginning of October last year. Before the October values-less than 3 thousand cases of infection per day-the increase in Germany also decreased.

In the UK, since mid-April, the incidence has remained at the level of 2.5 thousand cases of infection per day, in January; the daily increase exceeded 60 thousand.

In Spain, this week, about 2 thousand infected people are detected per day – 20 times less than at the peak of the beginning of the year. In Poland, the increase is about 1 thousand cases of infection per day, while in March it exceeded the level of 30 thousand.

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