The United States has allocated 290 million dollars to counteract the influence of Russia

The US authorities have named the amount allocated to combat Russia’s influence in the 2021 fiscal year. The relevant information is indicated in the document on financing the government’s work, which was approved by President Donald Trump.

Under the initiative, Washington will allocate $ 290 million to “counter Russia’s influence” and its alleged “attempts to sow distrust in democratic institutions around the world.” The document contains a ban on financing activities that may contribute to the achievement of “strategic goals of Russia” and threaten US national security interests.

The document also directs the allocation of $ 300 million to fight China’s influence, the Chinese Communist party, and “all organizations that act on their behalf.”

The budget also mentions funds that will be used for programs “to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement and security forces” in the countries of Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia. At the same time, part of the money that will be received by the Eastern partners of the United States should help reduce their “vulnerability to Russian political pressure.”

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