The United States has adopted a defense budget

The House of Representatives of the US Congress adopted a 740-billion-defense budget, bypassing the presidential veto, which provides, among other things, sanctions against the “Nord stream-2.”

322 congressmen voted for the defense budget’s approval, and most of them are Democrats, against-87 people. A similar vote will now take place in the Senate, where Republicans hold the majority of votes.

Trump previously called the defense budget a “gift” to Russia and China and tried to veto it. To overcome it in the House of Representatives, it was necessary to get the support of two-thirds of its members, that is, 290 votes.

The president’s main claims were reduced to articles included in the document about the renaming of military bases named after military leaders of the slave-owning South during the American Civil War, as well as measures introducing responsibility of social networks and media for the content they publish.

The defense budget also provides for the expansion of sanctions against the Russian pipelines “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish Stream,” further arms supplies to Ukraine, a ban on cooperation between the US and Russian military, sanctions against Turkey for the supply of Russian S-400 air defense systems, and more.

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